Help your fellow slimes escape from the evil scientists who created you! Combine your powers together and lead everyone to freedom. 

Best in fullscreen!

This is by no means a finished game, more a collection of levels that introduce all of the mechanics, and one huge final level.  Made for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 in a week! Theme: Stronger Together

Also, if you get stuck or things start getting weird, try ejecting a slime or two to get things back to normal. You should be able to reabsorb them afterwards.

Programming: sp1derss
Design and puzzles: Palaecos
Art and sound: StarStorm295
Boing Noise: Charlotte Widmann

WASD/Arrows: Move
Space: Jump
S/Down: Absorb slimes
1, 2, 3: Eject slimes
P: Pause
R: Restart level
Shift: Dash (with fire slime)
L. Ctrl: Stop bouncing (with rubber slime)


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nice game